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Volcano Humidifier With Flame Effect

Volcano Humidifier With Flame Effect

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Remarkable Volcano Humidifiers: These essential oil diffusers cleverly use LED lights and mist to create the visual effect of a fiery flame and volcanic eruption, releasing a ring of mist that sets an extraordinary ambiance.

Vibrant Light & Dual-Mode Effect: The combination of two LED light colors and the mist from the volcano diffuser provides a calming atmosphere, which is excellent for helping you unwind after a long day.

Peaceful & Auto-Off Feature: The soft sound of a trickling stream accompanies the diffuser's operation, enhancing relaxation. Moreover, the essential oil diffuser operates unobtrusively, enabling undisturbed sleep.

Product Information:

Power Source: Plug-in

Noise Level: Below 36dB

Each package comes with a bottle of fresh essential oil. You can also opt for a box which includes three bottles of new Cologne-scented essential oils.

Shape: Cylindrical

Operation Mode: Controlled by remote

Features: Humidification, aromatherapy, timer, sleep aid, atomizer, ultrasonic, quiet operation, automatic mist distributor

Material: Plastic

Timer Function: Ranges from 2-8 hours

Liquid Reservoir Capacity: Able to hold between 0.5-1L

Packing list:

Humidifier x1

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