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Travel-Ready Mini Perfume

Travel-Ready Mini Perfume

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Refill in Seconds Directly from a Standard Perfume Bottle with Zero Hassle!

Introducing the Innovative 'Pump to Fill' Refill System: Transfer your fragrance flawlessly, free from spills or exposure to air damage.


Product Features:

  • * Compact and Portable: Convenient for carrying and storage.
  • * Clear Vial Inside: Easily monitor remaining perfume.
  • * Extremely User-Friendly: Swift and effortless refilling in mere seconds.
  • * Simple and Convenient: Press the bottom against your chosen perfume's gauge, and watch it refill with every click.
  • * Ideal for Travel: Store your treasured perfume, aftershave, or makeup remover in a smaller container—no need to carry the entire bottle on vacation.



An Integrated Window Offers Visibility for Easy Monitoring:


1. Remove the spray head from your perfume bottle.
2. Place the refill bottle's bottom onto our perfume bottle.
3. Voilà! Revel in your mini spray bottle experience!



  • * Material: Aluminum (Bottle Body) + PP (Inner Bottle)
  • * Color: As Shown in Pictures
  • * Weight: Approximately 15g
  • * Capacity: 5ml

Savor convenience, avoid spillage, and keep your fragrant essence intact. Embrace efficient elegance with our Pump to Fill system. Get yours today!


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